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Fiskars Means Business

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It’s been a big couple of years for Fiskars. Both the IsoCore and PowerGear ranges have proved themselves as impressive quality products for serious tradies in the Australian workplace.

Things started with the Hardware range and the IsoCore Shock Control Systems, with reduced vibration by up to 4x with every blow. This new system spread across the range of hammers, sledge hammers and mauls. Creating up to 5x the destructive power in some products, with an impressive design and innovative manufacturing technique, the range has made its mark while putting Fiskars on the map for Australian tradies.

The lifetime warranty Fiskars puts behind its products is a great example of the commitment that exists to this side of the industry.

Next came the PowerGear Technology which spread across Fiskars new range of bolt cutters, aviation snips, shears and hardware scissors. The new technology reduced the amount of force required to cut a massive amount of heavy-duty materials, from metal chain links and rebar on the bolt-cutter side, to sheet metal, roofing products, carpet, tin, copper, plastic and a pile of other workplace materials to create the workplace’s best hardware-cutting tools.

With both these new technologies making a great impact on the Australian market, it leads to the question of what’s next for Fiskars in the Australian tradie sector?

Well, word has it on the street a brand new, exciting range of Fiskars products is about to reach our shores, and it will change the way tradies use one of the most important and versatile items in their tool belt.

Want a clue?

Let’s just say this product should cut through the Australian market extremely well. Stay tuned.

For more information visit www.fiskars.com.au

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