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Founded in 1649, Fiskars is Finland’s oldest company and its skill, pedigree and passion for innovation has continually pushed it on to new and exciting developments.

Fiskars brought us the orange-handled scissors in 1967 and revolutionised our cutting experience with the first plastic-handled scissors in the world. It’s now 2018 and the Finnish company is still producing innovative, high-end trade-quality tools and cutting products with the PowerGear and Isocore ranges. We’ve had a range of Fiskars tools for the last month for different applications, and have been well impressed with their performance.


Fiskars makes great claw hammers. The designers really had the user in mind when they massively reduced the shock and vibration to the workman’s hands and arms. The Isocore Shock Control System uses a technology that captures the kinetic energy and vibration of every strike, reducing the impact to the user by up to four times compared to traditional hammers. This saves a lot of fatigue and potential injuries.

The hammers are well weighted and the ergonomics are great. The design also features an anchoring pin that connects the main hammer shaft to the handle and won’t separate over years of use. And I’m not forgetting the Softgrip technology that has made its way into the handle itself.

I’ve enjoyed using this hammer and I’m now officially divorced from my other hammer of many years.


The groundbreaking technology in the PowerArc Hardware scissors and PowerArc snips means more power for a lot less effort.

The PowerArc blade profile optimises the cutting angle between the blades, reducing the cutting force needed by up to 50% all the way to the tip. They’re perfect for all general cutting onsite, including insulation, duct tape, cardboard, rope, tar paper, hose and more. These are some pretty heavy-duty scissors and a great addition to any tool bag.


Fiskars PowerGear bolt cutters are serious cutters.

Gifting tradies and weekend warriors with less fatigue, exhaustion and muscle pain in the long term, they’re ideal for a range of heavy-duty materials. Padlocks, rebar, metal rod, threaded rod and chain are all fair game.

PowerGear bolt cutters have an optimised gear profile which reduces the cutting force required at the start of a cut where you need it the most. Having some shoulder issues (and a few pins put in my hand) I sometimes struggle with actions like this (don’t ask me to open a jar), but the PowerGear increased cutting efficiency massively and I was able to effortlessly cut through the materials. The handles are very comfortable and have a great soft grip, and the adjustable, eccentric bolt design allows for the jaw to be optimised for cutting with ease.


I’ve been using a few other Fiskars tools over the past few years and have nothing but good things to say about them. They’re well designed and built strong, but also with the user’s comfort and safety in mind. They’re backed with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that they will go the distance and more than likely outlive your working career.

Visit: www.fiskars.com.au

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