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Fiskars 22cm PowerArc Scissors

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Fiskars introduction of PowerArc technology to its range of scissors and snips has been extraordinary.

A manufacturer might be tempted to rest on its laurels when a product has been at the top of the ladder for a long time. But even the staff at Fiskars were surprised when the news first started to circulate that their world-renowned and respected scissors where about to get even better.


The addition of ground-breaking PowerArc technology has not only made using Fiskars’ scissors even easier, but has managed to reduce the necessary cut force by up to 50%. The cutting experience is both more precise while at the same time reducing fatigue when cutting a vast amount of previously difficult-to-cut materials like rope, hose and insulation. Even with prolonged use the associated aches and pains when cutting tough materials have been substantially reduced.


The subtle change of the blade profile has optimised the cutting angle between the blades and the extended blade tang, and has improved leverage and strength during cuts. When it comes to scissors and snips, no-one does it better.

The Power Arc Hardware scissors 22cm are ideal for all the more day-to-day materials like paper and cardboard for the kid’s school assignments, duct tape, tar paper, material for clothing patch-ups and a lot more, as well as cutting exceptionally well through more trade-grade materials like snake skin, Alcore or other types of flashings. Another feature is the stronger coined blades to help prevent blade separation when cutting thicker material and a serrated blade edge to grip slippery materials for better control.


Like with every tool, successful use can be directly aligned to user comfort, and this holds true with Fiskars’ entire range of tools, Hardware scissors included. Fiskars Softgrip ergonomic handles, enhanced for both comfort and control, ticks this very box. Even when cutting through thick cardboard, or even rope, the user comfort and experience is exceptional.

In a final gesture of goodwill, Fiskars has increased the size of the loops to allow use when wearing gloves, along with a superior handle position to allow the user’s hand to utilise full hand strength to maximise power, preventing long-term muscle pain and fatigue.


Fiskars, Finland’s oldest company, is continuing to prove itself as a company that can think outside the square and push itself to raise the bar even higher across not just their scissors and snips, but its entire range of outdoor products.

For more information visit http://www.fiskars.com.au.

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