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Fishin’ Mission by Tom Foster

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WTW is gearing up to get among some whoppers. Check out the new kayak. All we need now is for someone who knows what they’re doing to take charge. Clearly that’s not the editor.

There’s a couple of big advantages to kayak fishing over boat fishing. In general, a good fishing kayak is a lot cheaper than a good fishing boat, a kayak is much easier to handle and store, and, most of all, a kayak will go places a boat can’t.

Off-shore kayak fishing is a whole other world as we saw last issue, but recently the chance came up to try impoundment or calm-water kayak fishing, and we grabbed that chance with both hands and started paddling like madmen.


It all started when Santa left a spoofy new Safari H2O Murray Fishing kayak under the WTW tree.

This is one special boat. It’s purpose-designed as a fishing platform so it’s super stable. It comes with all kinds of storage moulded into the hull, a seat, high-tech paddle, folding paddle holders, adjustable footrests, dry-storage compartment and even a tackle box lanyarded to the hull. There are four rod holders built in and a Railblaza Starport and rod holder supplied. All the dry hatches are fitted with hard-plastic liners and there’s shock cord and deck ropes up the wazoo.

Fair dinkum. This kayak is completely ready to hit the water and start taking fish.

The WTW Murray is even better because Santa had the Safari H2O folks mould the What Tradies Want masthead into the rotomoulded hull and make it in an eye-popping colour scheme.

It’s got mojo up the bum, this boat.


The editor was the first to grab the Murray and hit the water, and while he’s handy with the selfie stick, he’s not much chop with a fishing rod. Despite all the advantages the Safari H2O kayak offered, and despite being in a place where most anglers get annoyed with fish jumping in the boat while they’re trying to relax, the editor lost three lures in the mangroves in about two hours. He showed up at the office full of tall stories and smiling like a lunatic, but empty-handed.


In future issues we’ll bring you the good oil on kayak fishing from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Safari H2O is going to hook us up with its superstar fisherman and he’s going to pass on all the top-secret knowledge of where to fish and when, and what kind of tackle works best.

Let’s just hope the editor doesn’t lose the whole lot in the next set of mangroves he sees.

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