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Festool HK55 -240V Circular Saw

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Tested by Matt Page

“The Rolls Royce of circular saws”, that’s how Festool’s products have been described to me by long term owners. Well, they are at it again, expanding their range with the release of two new 240V circular saws; the HK55 and the HK85. I got my hands on the HK55, read on for the lowdown.


The HK55 has a powerful 1200W high torque motor, which is immediately evident when you start cutting. Like the beautiful purr of a Rolls engine, so powerful, yet so smooth! This saw really is in a class of its own. Everything has been thought about. Including large, easy to read and easy to adjust angles and depths, to a conveniently placed pendulum cover-lever right at your left thumb.

Where I think the HK55 really excels though is when combined with the FSK cross cutting rails which gives you perfect straight and angled cuts (when used with the fixed positioning pin).


The saw can also be connected or disconnected from the rail quickly and has a spring mechanism to bring the saw back to the start of your track, ready for the next cut.

The HK55 has the plunge feature allowing a cutting depth of 0-55mm. To sum up, brilliant design and performance as expected from one of the leaders in the circular saw category. Go to festool.com.au for more info or a local stockist.


The Festool HK85 (2300 Watt ) comes with all the features of the HK55 but has a cutting depth of 85mm and can also be converted into a groove cutter with a routing attachment which, in a few simple steps, will give you a routing width of 16 to 25mm with a max cutting depth of 35mm. The conversion kit for adjustable routing, is available separately.

Ideal for grooves across the grain and longitudinal grooves, rafters and false ceilings. Pretty cool!


For more information visit www.festool.com.au

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