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Fein release hand-held core drill for metal

by admin

Fein have just released what they say is the world’s first handheld core drilling system for metal. The boffins at Fein say the KBH 25 combines the positives of a high performance hand-held power drill with carbide-tipped core bits. They reckon this new drilling technology and tooth geometry enables speedy work, with considerably less effort meaning that an operator can work up to five times faster.

A Fein spokesperson said the KBH 25 is packed with power, putting out a brutish 680 watts and a rapid full load speed of up to 520rpm. It is also super-light, weighing in at just over 3kgs, making it a comfortable hand held tool.

The KBH also provides controlled tacho speed technology, and a torque slip clutch for efficiency and safety.

Fein have provided the industry with a precise core drill. Hand-guided drills allow the user to access more areas than bulky, anchored units, not to mention a greater level of control.

See the Fein KBH 25 in action here 

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