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Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock

by editor

It looks like a rock, but it’s actually a cunningly crafted lump of thermal-conductive resin that’s waterproof, non-toxic, easy-to-clean, and has an heating element built in.

“WTF?” we imagine you bellowed, smacking yourself on the forehead with the force of 40 megathrobs.

It’s a sensible and useful thing to have if you keep snakes, lizards, politicians or other reptiles. The Exo Terra Heat Wave Rocks simulate a stone warmed by the sun, which, in nature, promotes natural behaviour and helps our coldblooded little chums stay active. So if the lizardy mates in your Jurassic Park-themed display are looking a little sluggish, this might be just what they need.

The Exo is energy efficient and automatically shuts off when a certain surface temperature is reached to prevent burns or overheating, and they’re available in different sizes. They must be good because there was a review on a website from ‘Michelle’, and she wrote: ‘Awesome rock my lizard lovers it she knows how long to sit on it. And has never been burnt by it…:-) it is worth its money and value’.

Rock up to the nearest Pet Barn where, depending on the size, an Exo will set you back around $70.

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