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Excalibur Hyper Shears For Sheet Metal & Fibre- Cement Sheet

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The Excalibur range of power shears for sheet metal and fibre cement covers corded electric, cordless/battery and pneumatic power units, and all heads can be rotated to any angle to suit the user.

The same Australian-made cutting heads, with tough, hardened, sharpenable, spring-steel blades, are used throughout the range and are simple and light, with proven reliability and ease of use. The metal cutting heads (effectively motorised tinsnips) cut swiftly, with a clean edge and no swarf or offcuts, across corrugated profiles, while the fibre-cement sheet shears avoid dust and allow curved cuts.

Best Excalibur HYPER results are achieved on smaller, lightweight impact tools, with high output revs and standard ¼-inch hex drive, although the Excalibur HYPER also comes with shields for larger drills (over 70mm tip-to-trigger dimension) and can be also used in a chuck.

Universal head kits for driving directly from the motor output shaft and mounted directly on the motor are also available.

Factory-fitted and tested corded models are available for tradesman to use straight out of the box, and ‘Combo’ units include both metal and fibre cutting heads.

Excalibur Tools Pty Limited is an Australian, family-owned and operated company.

Find out more at www.excaliburtools.com/

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