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Excalibur Hyper Drive Shears

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Excalibur Hyper Drive shears come in two different attachments and quickly adapt drills to become powerful sheet-metal cutters or fibre-cement cutters.

Set up is very simple. Excalibur offers two attachment guards, one being the new compact shield which is designed for newer generation tools with a 70mm tip to trigger things like an impact driver. The other is for conventional drill driver tools. The guards fit snug around the drill and are easily tightened and provide a very safe and sturdy handle to work with if needed. The standard 1/4inch hex drive will fit straight into a drill and can rotate into any position.

It can take a little time to get the technique down, but once you find the sweet spot cutting is very easy and well-controlled. It helps to use one hand to pull up on the offcut side of the colour bond so as to clear the path for the shears.

The Hyper Drive sheet metal shears will cut roofing iron up to 0.5mm if the impact feature is used, or other mild steel to 1.6mm and stainless steel up to 1.2mm.

The Hyper drive fibre-cement cutting head can cut up to 9mm (non-compressed fibre cement), up to 6mm compressed, or 13mm plasterboard with ease.

The Excalibur Hyper Drive shears give a great field of view on cutting points and perform very well on non-straight cuts.

Australian-made Hyper Drive shears are top quality and professional. They will pay for themselves in no time, saving on expensive labour time and making life easier for all involved.

More at www.excaliburtools.com

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