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EWM Pico 160

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The Pico 160 allows welding nice thick material onsite and produces great quality welds with plenty of amperage.

Running S.W.A.T Fabrications in partnership with my brother Ed is never a dull experience. The majority of our work involves creating premium custom metal fabrications for the marine industry, along with a pile of residential work for local builders and architects on Sydney’s northern beaches. We could be making davits or stanchions for luxury yachts on Pittwater one day and installing our very own balustrades we have created the next. In our workshop we have several large EWM machines for the bulk of our welding needs, so when the opportunity arose to put the EWM Pico 160 through its paces, I jumped at the chance. I’d already heard some good stuff about this little powerhouse.

Weighty Matters

As a large part of our work involves installing jobs we’ve built in the workshop, having a reliable, lightweight and powerful welder when we arrive onsite is extremely important. Not having the right equipment at that stage can ruin a great job.

The first thing that jumped out at me with the Pico 160 was the weight and size – or the lack thereof. We often find ourselves up ladders welding in ceilings, or generally in some challenging situations. The fact this machine is so light and easy to hang off your shoulder, a rafter or similar anchor point is a huge positive. We need to be very aware of not causing any damage or even leaving behind any scuffs or marks from our equipment, especially when we’re working on luxury yachts and boats, and this machine is perfect for what we do. That it weighs in at around 4kgs is a huge factor for us.

Good Gear

This machine has the TIG torch which can be plugged in and used with the ‘pulse’ setting. It’s perfect for thin-wall tube. This fact alone sets it aside from its competition and makes it a very cool piece of kit.

When more power is needed, the stick attachment allows welding nice thick material onsite and produces great quality welds with plenty of amperage.

When it comes to onsite welding in a compact yet powerful and reliable package, you won’t find a better option than the Pico 160.

Words: James Sullman

For more information visit www.boc.com.au

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