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Evolution Rage 5-S Multipurpose Table Saw

by admin

This innovative table saw utilises Evolutions multi-material cutting technology, making it capable of slicing through most common building materials, including wood (even with embedded nails), mild steel, aluminium, copper, plastic, composites & more with the same blade.

The supplied 255mm multi-material Tungsten Carbide blade teamed up with the high-torque motor makes light work of any cutting task, plus saves you time and money by eliminating the need for material-specific blades and blade changes. It will cut through 6mm sheet steel with ease, leaving a cool-to-thetouch, burr-free finish straight from the saw. This is much faster and safer than using abrasive discs.

This saw comes equipped with a collapsible leg frame with wheels to make light work of moving the machine around the jobsite, and it’s equally as easy to store at the end of the day.

The table top features left- and right-hand extensions, giving a maximum table size of 1200mm x 640mm, which is perfect for ripping down large sheet material. It comes backed by a 3-year guarantee and is available at your local Total Tools store now.


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