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EPSON EB-700U Ultra Shortthrow Projector

by admin

Crikey. Did we ever get this one wrong.

We didn’t think there was any need for Epson to call the EB-700U an ‘ultra short-throw’ projector. It weighs 11kg, but we reckoned we could lob it a fair distance.

The folks at Epson weren’t keen for us to give it a try though, so it’s their loss.

The projector gives good image quality with a 3LCD laser display ideal for signs and presentations. Images can go up to 130″ diagonal in full HD, so it’s pretty good for storefronts, offices, schools and so forth. It’ll give up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation and deliver up to 3x higher colour brightness over competitive DLP projectors.

Additional features include 4000 lumens of colour/white brightness, up to 2,500,000:1 dynamic contrast and expansive connectivity.

Does all that mean it’ll throw the next State Of Origin up onto a sheet of gyprock at the next work barbie?

Epson didn’t say.

The units are available from specialist audiovisual and cinema suppliers, but you’d best shop around. We saw prices varying from $3000 to $4000, and we couldn’t find anywhere outside a capital city with stock. Google it and get on the phone.

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