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Enve Air Pressure Station

by admin

If you’re seriously obsessive about tyre pressures on the Malvern Star or Speedwell – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – the ENVE Air Pressure Station is for you.
It’s an automatic digital inflator that helps to seat, and accurately inflate, any pushbike tyre to within a 0.5% of a psi or bar.
That’s it. That’s all it does. For your money you don’t get a compressor, regulator, high-pressure hose or fittings. Just the wall mount, the fivemetre coiled air hose with chuck and the digital interface.
The Air Pressure Station connects to your existing compressed-air rig and offers three tyre-pressure presets, tubeless-tyre and flat-tyre override function for safe and efficient tubeless-tyre seating, and a mobiledevice- scannable NFC tag that directs the user to ENVE’s latest tyrepressure recommendation charts and a custom ENVE adjustable presta-valve air chuck.
Mate! That’s gotta be worth every cent of the US$750 asking price, hasn’t it?
Put your order in at enve.com.

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