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Engine Protection Upgrades For Your 4WD

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Major issues in diesel engines caused by built-in emissions-control systems and lower-quality/contaminated fuel can be prevented by fitting the Ryco Catch Can and Fuel Water Separator.

Fitting the Ryco Catch Can prevents sludge from building up within the intake system. Sitting between the engine’s crankcase ventilation system and intake manifold, the Catch Can achieves this by separating oil, hydrocarbons, soot and water vapours from the crankcase gasses using a Ryco replaceable filter.

The Ryco Fuel Water Separator acts as the first line of defence for your engine’s fuel system by removing any emulsified water and larger debris from the fuel before it reaches the factory fuel filter, protecting the sensitive fuel system components, such as injectors, from blockage.

Ryco has been supplying the RVSK Vehicle Specific Fitment Kit to facilitate fitment of the Catch Can and Fuel Water Separator. This has been superseded with the recently released Ryco vehiclespecific 4×4 Filtration Upgrade kits. The new complete 4×4 XR kits now include all of the vehicle specific filters, fittings, hoses and brackets, designed to make the installation of a Ryco Fuel Water Separator and Crankcase filter assembly a breeze.

Check your nearest Ryco stockist for a kit to suit your 4WD or visit https://rycofilters.com.au/4×4.

For more information on RYCO products visit: https://rycofilters.com.au

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