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Empire LED ULTRAVIEW Torpedo Level

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A good quality Torpedo level can be an essential addition to any tool belt where it’s easily accessible for any stage of the job or project. Empire levels have long been a leader and innovator in this space with their traditional and digital levels, but Empire has continued to innovate with the addition of dual LEDs per vial on this awesome little performer. It can be difficult to get an accurate reading on levels when jobs are yet to be properly lit, and the last thing anyone wants is to misread a vial or level and have to re-cut or redo work at a later stage.

Visibility is something Empire has put a lot of thought and design into, providing maximum clarity of the bubble in all lighting conditions.

But LEDs aren’t the only feature improving visibility of the bubble, with a UV-activated optical brightener inside of the vials making sure all lighting conditions have been improved.

Build quality hasn’t been forgotten, either. These LED ULTRAVIEW Torpedo level’s all-metal frames not only offer the vials and electronics serious protection, but also achieve an IP54 rating. That means it’s resistant to water splashes and fine dust particles, which will help give longevity on Australian worksites.

To ensure the AAA batteries achieve their optimum lifespan they have been designed with a 3-minute auto turn-off feature, and on the underside of the level rare-earth magnets have been added to provide maximum grip on metal surfaces.

Test #1: Brightness And Usability In Low Light

In our first test we visited a multi-level site in Sydney that was in the process of stripping the formwork. It was very dim and unlit – essentially just a concrete shell. The sparkies hadn’t yet been onsite and that made it the perfect place to really test the LED ULTRAVIEW Torpedo level.

Clarity and visibility of the vials was the main focus. We placed the Torpedo level in numerous positions of low light, including at the bottom of the stairwell and various other dark rooms, to really see how well the levels performed.

A well-positioned button is located on the front face of the level and a simple push perfectly illuminated the first dial. Even in the darkest test spot the brightness and clarity of the bubble was impressive. Switching between the two vials depending on the orientation of the level was easy and fast.

Another great little feature was the top-read window, adding even further usability.

The LEDS provided ample brightness and clarity and made it extremely easy to read and set levels. The only problem now is if you still manage to make an error you can no longer blame the crappy light.

  • Dual LEDs per vial
  • True Blue acrylic vial
  • IP54 rated
  • Rare-earth magnets
  • Pre-installed AAA batteries

Test #2: Magnets, Rear-Surface Grips And V-Groove

Using any level on hard or slippery surfaces runs the risk of accidental movement giving incorrect readings, so the addition of rubber rear-surface grips is a good one and works well. The grip allows the level to hold onto any surface and give accurate levels every time. For spot-on readings from metal surfaces, the 3 rare-earth magnets have plenty of strength to lock the level securely in place.

Lastly, the addition of a V-groove on the working edge fits on pipe & conduit as well as being compatible with most straight-edge rules for extended measuring and marking.

So not only will the LED ULTRAVIEW Torpedo level be very easy to read even in the most testing low-light conditions, but the additional features combine to make it a breeze to use in a host of situations.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

You can add bells and whistles to a level, but if the build quality isn’t up to standard, or the vial quality or visibility isn’t up to scratch, everything else is just a gimmick.

The team at Empire knows how to get the basics right. The all-metal frame is built well and the vials themselves are top-shelf, meaning the rest of the features combine to  make a good product great.

Plumbers, chippies and a pile of other trades will love the LEDs and the ease of use of this epic little LED ULTRAVIEW Torpedo level.

For more information visit www.empiretools.com.au

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