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Empire Digital Levels

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When accuracy matters (and when doesn’t it?) you can rely on Empire levels. Built to withstand the rigors of Aussie worksites, Empire’s digital levels provide accurate readings every time.

Available in 3 sizes, 400mm, 600mm and 1200mm, Empire’s digital levels have been engineered with an arsenal of features not available in typical spirit levels, such as:

  • Dual LCD backlit displays with the largest display in the industry
  • Top display – great when working overhead
  • 7 measuring modes, including metric, inches, degrees (1°), degrees tenths (1.1°) degree hundredths (1.15°) and percentage fall
  • 3-stage, backlit/lighting button guarantees visibility in all lighting conditions
  • When you can’t see the screen, the audio cue will beep faster as it moves towards being levelled or plumb, eventually flat lining, letting you know you’re levelled
  • Inspect mode allows you to repeat common measurements quickly. Set the level on the desired angle and press INSPECT. The digital level will zero out at the set slope allowing you to quickly check other desired angles are the same and all read 0
  • Hold function freezes values in place
  • Auto calibration means you can simply turn it on and get to work.

Using the Empire digital level, you’ll start, and finish, in the right place, every time.

Available at Bunnings Warehouse.

For more information visit www.empiretools.com.au

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