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Elwd – Have You Tried A Pair Yet?

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Well, it’s probably about time!

ELWD has been flogging workwear for close to three years now and has quickly risen to the top. Exciting new products have been the key to success for ELWD, offering worldfirst innovations such as the cuffed reflective pant (available in men’s and women’s). Alister Wright, ELWD General Manager, said, “the success has been hard to keep up with. We sell out sometimes before the styles hit the ground. People can’t seem to get enough.”

For those who don’t know, ELWD was born from the powerhouse, that is the Elwood fashion brand, identified early on that Elwood’s main customer was a tradie. This made it a natural progression to provide high-quality, comfortable work gear at a great price for its customers, focusing on product performance, comfort and making things look good.

Alister said being able to connect to the tradie consumer and really find out what was missing in the workwear market helped gain traction and grow the brand. ELWD found out the major pain points in workwear – and fixed them. Too many times workwear brands make ‘boardroom decisions’ and put product on the market that they think will sell without consulting their number-one asset, the customer.

ELWD has only just started, and from the sounds of things the upcoming styles for the brand wouldn’t even fit on this page. If you haven’t had a chance to try ELWD, you’re well overdue to give them a go. They’re here to stay.

Find out more at elwd.com.au.

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