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ECEEN Solar Power Bag

by admin

We think this backpack looks a bit dicky, but can also see it’d be an awesome bit of kit for camping, hiking, kayaking and all sorts of outdoor activities where the wearer might not have access to 240-volt power.

The Solar Power Bag is a regular ol’ backpack, but has a solar charging module built in to the flappy lid bit.

There’s pockets for a phone and a laptop, and the bag itself can easily hold necessities like beverages and life-sustaining burgers. The solar panel will charge that phone, iPad, tablet or anything that can be charged via USB. Prolly not the lappy, but it’d still be pretty handy, we reckon.

The 36-litre, durable, waterproof backpack’s made of a canvas material, the solar panel is a 10-watt, 22%-efficiency jobbie and the ECEEN folks chuck in a micro USB cable.

We couldn’t find any Aussie retailers offering the ECEEN, but there’s heaps of overseas online stores stocking them. Expect pay around US$125 plus postage.

If we charged it up and wore it upside down, we wonder if we could get the sun to shine out of our arses?

It has to be worth a try!

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