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ECB Release ARC Bar for Isuzu D- Max

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What Tradies Want was recently in QLD and had a tour around the factory floor of Aussie bull bar and 4×4 accessory company ECB. We were impressed. Aside from the gleaming rows of polished alloy bars racked and ready to be shipped out across the globe, it was the welcome sight of walking around the welding bays and the ECB metal fabrication facility to see the vast number of employees and tradies applying their craft that really impressed us. As with ARB, another Aussie legend in this category, homegrown manufacturing is a pride and quality decision where the accountants  economics get left at the door. Of course a lot of this stuff could get done in china like so many other products these days but would it be as good? No. Would the apprentice metal worker have a job? No. Good on you ECB you are legends in our books.

Check out this new release from ECB and if you have an Isuzu D- MAX give the boys a call.

ECB Arc™ Bar – Bumper Replacement Bullbar – With ECB Bumper Lights


Manufactured from hi-tensile, structural grade alloy, this bar offers the best protection for the Isuzu D-MAX utilising the ECB Arc™ Bar bumper cut design. Boasting specifically engineered 6mm thick plasma cut steel mounting systems these bars are assured for the best fit and strongest design. The one piece channel features 6mm thick hi-tensile alloy construction, which is further reinforced with a full width, braced lower protection skirt to provide the best strength that will give you the best level of safety and design you can count on. Standard features include LED indicator/park light combinations, air directional cooling vents, spotlight mounting provisions and an aerial tab. Also included with the ECB Arc™ Bar for the Isuzu D-MAX is the Quick-Click Wiring System. The Quick-Click has your LED indicator/park wiring all ready-to-go in a harness, all you need to do is plug it in which reduces fitting time by around 15 minutes.


Polished price RRP $2,290.00


1800 069 145

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