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Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

by editor

We used to wonder why there was all that sniggering and comments about ‘short-and-curlies’ when we wore our Speedos, but then we saw the selfies on Facebook and realised what everyone must’ve been on about.

It was pretty embarrassing, we can tell you! It looked like we had Oprah stuffed down our swimmers.

Something needed to be done to maintain our social standing and self respect, so we latched on to the Dyson Corrale hair straightener, and it’s pubic enemy number one!

The packaging said we’d ‘look and feel confident’ thanks to the professional styling performance. It was a shame we didn’t realise the thing had variable heat levels before we gave it its first run, because the resulting blister on the – ahem – ‘nearby area’ was very unsightly and stung like the bejeesus.

The Dyson is travel ready and can run with or without a cord and is suitable for all hair types, and we can’t wait for next summer to give it a run with the new mankini.There’ll be no more talk of short or curly, we can assure you.

As we wrote this Harvey Norman had the Corrale on special at $599. The legends at the Shaver Shop had them too, but for $699.

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