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Drill Doctor XP

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There’s nothing more frustrating for a trade professional than opening the toolbox for the right size drill bit and realising it’s blunt.

It means having to spend time leaving the job site, getting into the car and driving to the nearest tool store to buy new bits.

A US-based manufacturer has put an end to all of that with the Drill Doctor.

Finally there’s a range of drill-bit sharpening machines that actually work, and are so quick and simple to use even your kids could do it.

Introducing the Drill Doctor XP, the newest model in the range. The XP offers a powerful motor for smooth operation and a precision diamond grinding wheel providing long life and constant geometry without the need for wheel dressing. It’s suitable for sharpening high-speed steel, masonry, tin-coated, carbide, cobalt and parabolic twist drills from 2.5mm to 13mm bits (3/32″- ½”).

Using an easy, two-step process, combined with its adjustable relief angle and the ability to create and sharpen split-point bits, a Drill Doctor is a must-have for any tradesman on the go or any professional workshop. There are three models in the range: DDXP, DD500X and the DD750X, giving multiple options for both 118° or 135° bits and up to 19mm in size.

Save time and money with Drill Doctor today.

Available at most leading tool stores or learn more at www.drilldoctor.com.au

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