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Draper Tiny House

by admin

We used to call them ‘caravans’, then they were ‘mobile homes’, and now they’re as trendy as all get out and they’re called ‘tiny’ or micro’ homes.

They are pretty swish these days, though. It’s a bit of a giant leap forward from the old 14-foot Franklin dad used to tow behind the Kingswood.

This example is a 300-square-foot ‘towable home’ built in the USA, and claims storage room and sleeping facilities for four people. It also has a fully equipped kitchen, a loft and fold-down hardwood deck. The bathroom and crapper are pretty flash too.

Pricing information is a bit hard to find, but it looks like they’re about US$155,000 a piece, and take about three months to build after the order is placed.

Geez. You’d want a decent sized site at the caravan park, eh?

If you’re really keen to find out more, go to http://landarkrv.com and send them a message.

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