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Don’t Eat Your Mates Dust

by editor

If your 4WD is seeing a lot of use off-road, the best thing you can do is give your air filter regular checks, especially after a hard day on a dusty track. Across most 4WDs this is a relatively simple process that should only take a couple of minutes. If it’s taken in enough dust, you’ll want to replace it with a fresh air filter. A clogged air filter chokes your engine of air and can lead to excessive fuel consumption and alack of power.

If you’re out 4WDing in a convoy, you should also consider your driving style. 4WDs in front can create a much bigger dust cloud than what you might have to deal with if you were out on your own. It’s important to leave a sizeable gap from the vehicle in front to keep yourself from driving within that dust cloud.

Also consider fitting your 4WD with an intake snorkel. While these are usually associated with water crossings and keeping water from destroying your engine, they can also help preserve the life of your air filter by raising the intake height from the engine bay to your 4WD’s roof, enabling the engine to breathe in much cleaner air.

It’s vital you fit your 4WD with a high-quality air filter like one from Ryco. Ryco air filters are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications and feature excellent dust-holding capacity. Ryco air filters are available for a wide range of 4WDs. If you’re up for a new air filter for your 4WD, head to your nearest Ryco stockist today.

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