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Doggles Ils Sunglasses… For The Dog

by admin

How could we get through any day without the joy and happiness a good dishlicker brings to any worksite? Y, happiness,  a good dishlicker brings to any worksite?

Our canine chums need looking after just as much as our regular workmates, and this kind of PPE is a good place to start.

Doggles Interchangeable Lens System sunglasses are a man’s best friend’s best friend. Doggles are the only UV eye protection recommended by vets. The lenses are shatterproof and, believe it or not, antifog. They’re also replaceable and interchangeable, so if you’re heading out on the Postie bike and the woofer’s on the back you can set him up with some good wind protection, or if it’s a day out on the boat he can load up with polaroids to help spot the fish.

For sure you can buy cheap knock-offs from Asia, but the real-deal Doggles offer Fido genuine UV protection, durability and comfort.

And of course they just look plain…well…perhaps we’ll ignore how they look.

Plenty of Aussie online stores are offering Doggles. Sites like http://waggle.com.au, http://sacredpetboutique.com.au and stacks of others. Expect to pay around $50 for a pair, and maybe don’t look for a whole lot of tail-wagging while he’s wearing them.

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