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Dinosaur Trout Island

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WTW takes you fly fishing in New Zealand with Fly Fishing Champion Cory Scott.

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Early British settlers took one look at En Zud’s rugged and pristine waterways, and decided that the introduction of trout would provide a great food source and sport.

In 1860, hatcheries were set up throughout the country and within a few years trout had been spread far and wide. With a healthy food supply and the perfect climate in an environment with no predators, the species quickly grew to boast gigantic populations and NZ forever became known as the land of the prehistoric sized trout.

These days, NZ’s trout fishing industry is big business.

WTW gets insider knowledge on how to best snag these Cunnings Browns from NZ National Fly Fishing Champion Cory Scott.

GET YOURSELF A COPY of What Tradies Want now and find Cory’s 10 tips to catch the hardest fighting trout on the planet.

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