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Dinking 4-Stroke Petrol Generator

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• AVR controls the power output for more stable operation
• Wheels and foldable handle for easy transport
• 2800W peak or 2500W continuous
• Digital multimeter
• Low-oil indicator and circuit breaker for safe operation.

BND has brought another new machine into the range. The Dinking DK2.5GF- 3D4H 2500W 4-Stroke Petrol Generator helps you run tools and charge devices when mains power is not available. This powerful yet compact generator can deliver 2800W at peak performance.

This is more than enough to run multiple tools at once, which is simple to do thanks to the dual 15A outlets. To ensure the generator is safe to operate, it has several safety features. The oil alert lamp warns you if the oil runs below the recommended level, and the 10A circuit breaker ensures you will not overload the generator.

If you need a tough solution to mains-free power, look no further than the Dinking 2500W 4-Stroke Petrol Generator. RRP A$599.00. For more information, please call: 1300 883 520 or email: [email protected]

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