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Diablo Sandnet Disks

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Diablo is making a rather boring category very exciting. With the new Diablo SandNet discs, the way of sanding will be revolutionised.

Diablo’s new SandNet discs are the most advanced sanding technology on the market, with 10x longer life compared to standard sanding discs. Each SandNet disc features a clog-reducing net design coated in premium aluminum-oxide grit for fast material removal while reducing material build-up.

The net structure is designed with big holes for easy dust collection, making this great for tradies who use this dust-collection system. The SandNet is made to minimise clogging and, if that occurs, they can easily be cleaned out. Simply shake, vacuum, or rinse the disc to remove any build up.

The Diablo SandNet is ideal for a range of applications including sanding wood, drywall, metal, plastic and solid surfaces. Available in a variety of sizes – 125mm, 150mm and 225mm – for all your sanding needs. The SandNet includes a free connection pad for easy attachment to the tool.

Made to the highest quality in Switzerland, Diablo SandNets are a must-have in the sanding category. Available soon at all major retailers.

For more information head to http://www. diablotools.com.au

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