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Diablo Rebar Demon Head Hammer Bits

by editor

Diablo is a premium brand of cutting tools, abrasives and sanding products, and in an exciting move the company has launched its first range of drilling tools in Australia.

The new Diablo Rebar Demon is the industry’s only complete range of 4-cutter, full carbide head hammer bits, and will redefine drilling into slabs and rebar for ever more!

Ranging in size from 5mm to 32mm in SDS Plus, SDS MAX 4-Cutter Full Carbide Head and 4-Cutter Carbide Tipped SDS MAX. The carbide range from Diablo is significantly larger in both length and width than the 3 other major competitors.

Another impressive and interesting fact is Diablo produces its own Dura Carbide to the highest certified standards. Dura Carbide withstands impact & high-heat applications, dramatically extending life over standard bits by up to 2x, and Diablo’s control of production allows innovative designs catered to specific cutting applications for the highest quality finishes and the longest cutting life.

Diablo Rebar Demon bits use tri-metal bonding to create a stress- and heatresistant bond between the carbide heat and the flute, damping the high-stress peaks to avoid cracks and extend lifespan with a robust yet flexible bond. Large channels provide faster dust removal and drilling – by up to 35% compared to competitors. As an added advantage this also reduces wear and improves cordless efficiency.

The precision centring tip stops the tip from skating and makes for precise, true-to-size hole drilling while the pyramid-shaped tip attacks the material more aggressively.

The team at Fox & Co had a great site available where we could test several Diablo Rebar Demon bits, ranging in size from 6.5mm up to 16mm. We were expecting good results, but the way the Diablo Rebar Demon cut through the steel rebar and slab was an eye-opener.

Word spread around the site of just how well the Diablo Rebar Demon bits were performing and we soon had several tradies lining up for a go. Our tradie, Glen, had been in the industry for over 20 years.

“I’ve been a big fan of the Diablo brand for my circular saws and drop saws for many years now,” said Glen, “so I had fairly high expectations for this this range as well.

“When I saw the full range of bits laid out, I was really impressed with the commitment Diablo has made to this space. I haven’t seen any other manufacturer produce these many lengths and widths of full carbide bits before. It’s quite impressive.”

Glen continued, “When it came to physically drilling the slab and punching through the rebar things really got serious, and in my mind these products went up to the next level. I have never in my career experienced any drill bit break through concrete and rebar as quickly, cleanly and effortlessly as these Diablo bits. The precision tip stayed exactly where I wanted it to be and the Dura Carbide tore through the slab.

“When we hit the rebar, it just bashed its way through in 10 or 12 seconds, even when using the 16mm bits.”

We tested 6.5mm all the way through to the chunkier 16mm bits and we were amazed at the condition of the bit head after punching through the rebar. Both Glen and I were expecting the bit to come out looking a little beaten up, but each looked particularly fresh and showed minimal, if any, signs of the task just completed.

It was a pointer to the ultimate strength and durability of the bits themselves.

The optimised flute design also did a great job at removing dust and clearing out the hole while drilling.

Diablo Rebar Demon bits are going to set a new level in quality and performance for masonry and rebar drilling. Pure and simple.

Visit: www.diablotools.com.au

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