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Diablo Fibre Cement Blades

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Fibre cement is a versatile and durable material commonly suited for exterior wall cladding material or as a tiling backer board or floor tiling base. This building material is essentially cellulose fibre-reinforced cement. Those who regularly use fibre cement on site know it can easily blunt the blade of its unworthy opponent.

Nonetheless, Diablo Accessories conquers all your cutting solutions and now introduces the newest member of the family – the Diablo Fibre Cement Blade.

The Diablo (PCD) Fibre Cement Blade truly is the diamond among the jewels – literally. This blade has polycrystalline, diamond-tipped teeth to allow the circular-saw blade to slice through compressed and non-compressed fibre cement with ease. The PCD triple chip design offers up to 75x the life of standard carbide-tipped blades. Complimented by a laser-cut thin-kerf design, the Diablos give fast and precise cuts and produce less dust and waste. That saves time and effort on site. The blade also features an anti-vibration design which stabilises the blade and reduces noise while cutting, while the non-stick perma-shield coating reduces heat production.

This blade truly is the holy grail.

The beauty of this blade doesn’t stop with those great features. The Diablo PCD Fibre Cement Blade generates up to 50% less respirable dust than any other standard blade, while delivering the longest life in all fibre cement materials.

The blade is designed for use on both corded and cordless saws, and the super-thin laser-cut kerf enables the blade to increase battery run time on cordless saws. Ultimately this translates into improved productivity and more money in your pocket, with less trips to the hardware store to grab more blades to complete the job.

Like all other Diablo circular-saw blades, the Fibre Cement Blade is proudly made in Italy with advanced technology and is of the highest quality.

The Diablo Fibre Cement blade is available in the following sizes:
• 165mm (6.5″), 4 teeth, product part number: 2608644457
• 184mm (7.25″), 4 teeth, product part number: 2608644449
• 254mm (10″), 6 teeth, product part number: 2608644442

Diablo Fibre Cement Blades – coming soon to Australian Diablo stockists.

Learn More: http://www.diablotools.com.au/

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