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Diablo Carbide Tooth Hole Saws

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Diablo is bringing the latest and the best to the market once again, with the introduction of the first carbide-tipped hole saws in Australia to cut both wood and metal.

Diablo’s premium brand of hole saws breeze their way through wood, nail-embedded wood, plastics, aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel, compressed-fibre cement, bricks, and metal. These new carbide-tipped hole saws offer faster cutting performance with clean cuts, less downtime and ultimate efficiency.

Imagine achieving clean and accurate holes in one pass: with 40% deeper cutting distance and the only universal hole saws with 60mm cutting depth – it’s all possible with Diablo.

In addition to the 60mm cutting depth, Diablo’s hole saws have a Variable Tooth Design which provides ultimate cutting length to bore deeper holes in a single pass with less vibration. You’ll be getting much more lifetime for what you pay.

The Diablo hole-saws’ range available to Australia includes thirty tungsten-carbide tooth hole saws and six system accessories, including the Snap-Lock Plus™ mandrel system fitting all Diablo hole saws. Diablo’s current hole saws’ range includes 25mm – 76mm in diameter, with an additional sixteen tungsten-carbide hole saws ranging from 79mm – 152mm coming to Australia in the second half of 2020.

Diablo’s SnapLock Plus mandrel system fits all Diablo hole saws and other standard hole saws. The tool-free plug ejection on the mandrel allows for fast removal of material when there is no time to waste on the job. There are three pilot drill bits available for different materials and all of these attachments may be purchased individually. Diablo’s hole-saw system and mandrel design simplifies the attachment process for quick and easy hole-saw mounting.

Diablo stands out as an industry leader in cutting tools and abrasives, manufacturing accessories in the world’s most technology-advanced facilities. Diablo produces its own carbide for its innovative product designs, cater ing to cut t ing applications of the highest quality and longest cutting life.

Diablo: Lead, never follow.

Learn more about Diablo Tools visit www.diablotools.com.au/

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