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Diablo Carbide Teeth Hole Saws

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Hole saws are one of those accessories that, when they’re well-designed and made of high-quality materials, can be a joy to use.

On the other side of the coin, when things go pear-shaped they can be a total nightmare and hours can go down the drain. I’ve seen hole saws get locked on the mandrels on the first use, timber looking like it’d been glued inside the hole saw when trying to dig it out, and a pile of other ill-fated scenarios unfold when this accessory was in the hands of the inexperienced or things decided to just go plain wrong. The good news – let’s make that great news – is Diablo has gone and solved all the associated headaches that can go hand-in-hand with hole saws. Everything from tool-free plug removal through to creating a one-size-fits-all mandrel system and Snap-lock Plus system for the fastest mandrel change has been sorted.

Test #1: Improvements

The driving force was to create a universal mandrel that fits all standard hole saws, as well as Diablo BIM and Carbide Teeth hole saws.

The other side of this unique partnership was the hole saw itself. It features impressive carbide teeth and has proved to be another game-changer. The new carbide teeth are lasting a massive 50x longer and are cutting 20x faster when compared with standard bi-metal hole saws. Another huge benefit is the extended cutting depth of 60mm, producing 40% deeper holes in one pass and significantly increasing productivity.

When changing the hole saw with the quick release it’s as simple as grabbing the Snap-lock Plus and sliding it down to release the hole saw. Just like changing a bit on an impact driver. It’s that simple.

Hole Saw Features & Benefits

  • 50x longer life
  • 20x faster cutting
  • 60mm cutting depth
  • Can cut through a wide range of materials including; soft wood, hard wood, nail-embedded wood, plastic, aluminium, metal, cast iron and stainless steel

Test #2: Performance

After some pretty big claims in terms of the hole saw lasting 50x longer and cutting 20x faster, it was time to see for ourselves just how well the new Diablo hole saws could cut. I sourced some bits and pieces to test the new carbide teeth and the claims of being made for the widest range of materials. I lined up hardwood, FC sheeting, concrete pavers and, last but not least, a good old-fashioned brick, just for good measure.

First in our line up was the hardwood. The cutting process felt smooth and strong. I didn’t lean on the hole saw, I just let it do the hard work for me and it didn’t struggle to cut through the timber. It was a good cut.

Next in line was the FC sheeting.

After the hardwood, this wasn’t a problem at all. I thought the masonry-type products would be the biggest challenge, but I just took it at a nice, medium pace and again let the hole saw do the work. Both the brick and the concrete paver were nicely cut with the same hole saw across all the tests.

Then, where I thought any real challenge would arise, I went back to timber cuts after already going through the hard stuff. If the teeth were going to show signs of wear or dulling it would be after using the saw on the concrete, FC and bricks. To the credit of the Diablo it still very nicely ripped through the hardwood I first started on.

The plugs all came out after each cut without the headaches I’ve experienced on other hole saws.

Snap Lock System Features & Benefits

  • Snap-Lock Plus Mandrel System Fits All Diablo Hole Saws, BIM And CT And Other Standard Hole Saws
  • Real Quick-Change Release
  • Tool-Free Plug Ejection For Fast Material Removal
  • 3x Pilot Drill Bits For Different Materials
  • Mandrels, Drill Bits And Snap-Lock Plus Are Available Individually

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

After sitting down and going through all we’d asked of this new hole saw system from Diablo, must say that I’m very impressed with all the results from the tests. The fact I no longer need to keep a pile of different-sized mandrels depending on the size of the hole saw is a great step forward. The quick release and load of the new Snap-lock Plus system works exactly as advertised.

Diablo has listened to feedback from users and created a great product that will be appreciated by numerous trades.

For more information visit www.diablotools.com.au

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