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Diablo Carbide Recip Blades

by admin

Diablo has launched the world-first carbide-teeth general-purpose recip blades into the Australian market.

The recip blades are specifically designed for any material including nail-embedded wood, metal (3mm-10mm thick), PVC and pipe. The high-performance carbide teeth provide 50 times longer life than standard bi-metal blades. Diablo’s variable-tooth technology provides straighter cuts with less vibration, and the 1″-wide body of the blade provides superior cutting stability.

The unique design of the plunge tip enables faster and easier plunging into wood and the non-stick Perma-shield coating reduces heat for less gumming and friction. Diablo’s mission of REDEFINING CUTTING now delivers carbide technology to every pro.

Stay tuned for the must-have, world-first, all-rounder General Purpose Carbide Recip blade. Available in 6″, 9″ and 12″ in a variety packaging quantities at major retailers.

For more information visit the Diablo website at www.DiabloTools.com.au

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