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Diablo Carbide Pruning Blades

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Diablo has been a very reliable go-to for all our accessory needs on-site. Whether it’s for circ-saw blades, multi-tool blades or recip blades, Diablo has never disappointed.

When I see the red colour my brain instantly tells me I’m about to experience an industry-leading cut. So, when we received a set of red, Diablo Carbide Pruning Blades to test, I knew to expect something great. The Diablo recip blade with carbide teeth for the pruning of trees/shrubs and clean wood is part of the Diablo success story.

One of the key features of the Diablo range of blades is its Perma-Shield non-stick coating, which reduces the amount of heat, gumming and friction. These features in turn allow the blade to cut with ease and reduce any additional load on the motor.

The main star of the Diablo recip blades would be the carbide teeth, designed to give up to 50x cutting life. That’s massive! Any additional cost at the time of purchase is going to be significantly returned in pure longevity and minimal cutting time.

Other Features

The Carbide Pruning blade has a patented, variable-tooth technology which provides faster cuts with less vibration, and this is very evident when comparing to competitor blades. The cutting process feels smoother and more comfortable on the saw itself.

There’s also a unique plunge-tip design that enables faster and easier plunging into the timber, and a 1-inch oversized blade for less vibration.

The inclusion of long gullets and the aggressive, carbide-tooth geometry produce straighter and cleaner cuts.

  • Perma-SHIELD non-stick coating
  • 1″ oversized blades
  • Pruning and clean wood
  • Blade size: 152mm, 229mm, 305mm
  • Carbide-tooth design gives up to 50X life
  • Fast-plunge tips

Test #1: Pruning And Clean Wood

Having been a landscape gardener for a few years, I remember how much of a pain it was to use the little handsaws. But this blade is a must for landscape gardeners.

In our test, various trees and shrubs had been slowly encroaching on my driveway, but we very quickly and effortlessly pruned them into submission. Even the chunkiest of branches was reduced to a pile of leaves and branches on the ground in seconds. The large gullet and oversized teeth made short work of pretty much everything we tried it on. From small, thin branches you would typically try to clip with shears, right through to much chunkier limbs and even roots, the recipro proved to be a very speedy addition to the garden tools.

Test #2: Cutting A Section Of Clean Timber

While I was in the garden, I went to my trusty pile of firewood and selected a few nice sections for cutting. The Diablo just tore through anything we could put in front of it. Each cut was swift, and the recipro itself wasn’t even breaking a sweat. The blades showed absolutely zero signs of dulling sharpness, and I got the feeling that even after a week of serious cutting the carbide teeth wouldn’t be showing any signs of wear.

The aggressive carbide-tooth geometry shines in these applications, and you will be flying through the cuts. I recommended this blade to my brother who is a landscaper and once he gave it a go, he refuses to go back to using a small chainsaw. He recognized not only the convenience, but the better safety of using this recip blade, compared to a chainsaw. THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY

Once again Diablo did not disappoint

I hold this brand in high esteem and it was the result I was expecting. Not only were the Demo Demons very fast and efficient to use, but the longevity was the most significant feature in the end. You can get fast-cutting blades, but if they don’t last, you end up going through a pile of them. With a Diablo you end up buying one really good blade that will cut fast and last longer.

Not only is it better for productivity by cutting faster and changing the blades a lot less, but it will be easier on your wallet in the long run. That there is what makes Diablo the ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner’.

Diablo has done it again.

For more information visit www.diablotools.com.au

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