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We were amazed at how many tools and other items we could fit in the storage system.

The TOUGHSYSTEM is a customisable mobile and modular storage system that allows users to mix and match to choose the ideal combination for the job that day. With the easy-slide feature, you’re ready to quickly and easily grab a container from the van or ute and add it to the mobile carrier/ trolley. The carrier features 216mm heavy-duty rubber wheels to handle rough terrain, plus it can be used to carry additional equipment and materials. The carrier has an 80kg capacity on the brackets and 120kg on the toe-plate, so you could potentially have a few toolboxes on top while carrying a few bags of concrete underneath.

Toughness and durability are achieved with a 4mm-thick, reinforced outer casing which offers high-impact protection, and the rust resistant metal latches are built tough to provide strength.

The toolboxes are also dust and water-resistant to withstand severe weather, so if you have a ute, you don’t have to worry about them being covered up while in transport or if they get caught in the rain.

They also feature padlock eyes for security and a central locking mechanism securing the units to the frame with the carrier.

Test 1: Storage And Usability

Getting tools, equipment and materials on-site quickly and efficiently is a massive time saver. As you can see in the photos, we piled a tonne of essentials into the cases. Full 18V cordless kits, complete sets of hand tools, heaps of accessories and fixings, and all into three compact cases, wheeled in on one convenient trolley. The ability to pull out cases without having to take the above ones off first was a great feature compared to one of the competitor’s systems.

  • Customisable
  • Mobility
  • Toughness and durability
  • Protection and security
  • Many different cases
  • 18V radio unit
  • Heavy-duty carrier
  • Metal latches
  • 4mm reinforced polypropylene plastic
  • IP65 dust- and water-resistance rating

The trolley is fully adjustable and the arms can be moved to allow for any configuration you require, making this system very adaptable.

The ability to clip additional cases on top of the system with the yellow side clips was also a great feature. The arms can fold in, and you can clip together whichever cases you require for that job.

Test 2: Drop And Sledge

The drop test is always a good one to see how robust the unit is. The impact will usually find possible flaws in hinges, latches and the body of the cases if there are weak spots.

Jamie’s parents live in an apartment which offered a full 2-level drop.

I could see a slightly nervous look on Jamie’s face as he launched the case off the balcony, and as the case hit the ground, there was an impressive SMACK which echoed through the carpark below.

On inspection of the case, to our surprise, there was no damage at all. But the pics were all out of focus, so it was time for an equally impressive second drop which also proved to be a complete success.

Jamie then set up the TOUGHSYSTEM and put a case on its side to hit it in its most venerable spot. His arm rose high and Mr Sledge swung down to deliver the DeWALT a brutal hit. The case flew through the air and crashed into a rock wall some 10m-12m away.


Surely that had caused some damage?

Nope. It was a clean bill of health for the DeWALT Toughsystem…well, other than a few decent surface scuffmarks.

Before I knew it, Jamie had the hose out and was blasting the boxes, aimed at exposing any leaks around the join of the lid and the case. Again, we were outdone by the system. Not a drop made it inside.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The carrier is awesome.

Not only does it carry your cases securely, but if you need it, you can use the carrier to move materials to site as well. The cases slide in on the arms with ease, and they are great for being able to access the boxes on the lower runs. The ability to clip on additional cases is also great.

And there’s an excellent range of cases, including an 18V boom box. Epic!

They are seriously tough. That’s why they call them the TOUGHSYSTEM, I guess.

For more information visit www.DeWALT.com.au

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