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DeWALT Outdoor Products

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DeWALT has an impressive history of reliable, professional-grade power tools, including the heavy-hitting 54V XR Flexvolt range.

Now that same technology is available in heavy-duty outdoor gardening equipment.

WTW was lucky enough to put DeWALT’s range of outdoor products through its paces, and we were pleased to find all the strengths of the cordless gear – like durability, power and precision – have been included. Commercial gardeners and tradies who take pride in their gardens will appreciate that.

Experience Counts

To get to the bottom of just how well this range performed we enlisted the help of professional landscaper and gardener Todd Sawtell. After learning the ropes from his old man and eventually taking over Sawtell Mowing And Property Maintenance, Todd’s vast experience and knowledge has seen him maintaining and creating amazing gardens and landscapes for the local residents and communities of Sydney’s northern beaches.

“I think the biggest hurdle many professionals face with embracing a battery-powered system is getting over the mental barrier of stepping away from petrol-powered tools,” said Todd. “I had the same thought, but after using the cordless tools for over a week now, the reality is that the convenience and reliability of the battery system far outweighs that of the petrol.

“By that I mean the DeWALT battery tools start instantly every time. You can put a tool down, and 30 seconds or 30 minutes later you can just grab it, pull the trigger, and it starts instantly. The problems associated with petrol engines flooding, bad fuel, running out of fuel and regular servicing are now a thing of the past.”

Easy To Use

Just how the battery system would hold up in terms of power and longevity when being used in serious commercial applications was important to know, so we were keen to get Toddy’s thoughts after he’d used the equipment.

“I’ve been testing the tools,” shared Todd, “including both the 18-volt and 54-volt versions of the handheld blower, the line trimmer and, last but not least, the brushless chainsaw, which turned out to be my favourite.”

Could they cut it?

Could they ever.

“I’ve had some pretty solid clearing jobs this week,” said Todd.

“The most hectic was a massive oceanfront block that had been completely overrun with lantana, fallen trees and general weeds and scrub overgrowth. The 54-volt chainsaw easily went through some seriously thick sections of branches and fallen trees.

“The ability to pick up the tool when needed and squeeze the trigger for an instant start was beautiful.

“I found the 54V line trimmer also very good. It was preloaded with 2mm line which was a little too thin for my work, but I was happy to find out it could take my normal 2.4mm line as well. There was plenty of cutting power.

“The 18-volt version of the line trimmer has a maximum line thickness of 2mm. The system of installing the new line wasn’t quite as easy as others I’ve used, but for their first attempt, all in all, the system is pretty impressive.”

“The hand-held blowers were very handy indeed. The 54-volt model was very powerful and perfect for my commercial use, and the 18-volt version was perfect for clearing gutters on rooftops and other areas where mobility and lightweight operation is important.”


“The biggest surprise I had with the system was the longevity of the 54-volt range of tools,” Todd continued. “I was getting a full day of intense use with just a single battery change. So, two batteries would get you through a busy, full day.

“The 18-volt range would need to be changed ever y two jobs. Meaning 3 or 4 battery changes a day. So, for my requirements as a commercial operator, the 54-volt system would be the way to go.

“In saying that, the even lighter 18-volt system would be perfect for homeowners or light commercial use.”

Has trying the DeWALT gear changed Todd’s outlook?

“Moving forward I can’t see myself buying any more petrol tools,” he told us.

“As my petrol equipment runs the course of its lifespan, I’ll be replacing it with battery-powered equipment for sure. They’re lighter, maintenance-free and just easier to use. Noise and fume complaints will be a thing of the past, which will keep my clients even happier.”

For The Future

It seems there’s no stopping the cordless revolution, with fumes, fuel spills, oil mixes and wearing ear muffs on 30+ degree days no longer being the downside to working outdoors in the landscaping and garden-maintenance industries.

For more information visit www.DeWALT.com.au

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