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DeWalt DCN701 18V XR Electrician’s Staple

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DeWALT has expanded its cordless fastening line-up with the DCN701 18V XR electrician’s staple.

The dedicated solution for electrical contractors secures cables quickly and consistently, saving time and avoiding the hazards of driving staples manually.

  • Fastens with precision and speed, ensuring cables are secured snugly
  • Compact form factor (200mm height) allows users to work between joists, studs or rafters
  • Lightweight (2.1kg) enables repetitive wiring work with a lower risk of fatigue
  • Integrated bright LED light for enhanced visibility in dark working areas
  • Immediate start-up: no delay when driving the first staple, increasing productivity
  • Dry fire lock-out alerts the user to replace staples
  • Robust and powerful operation drives staples into wood and light blockwork
  • Flexible and versatile, accommodating all common cable sizes
  • Powered by the DeWALT 18V XR battery platform for best-in-class runtime and productivity and the freedom of cordless (available July, 2019).

This high-powered stapler is primarily designed for securing T&E cables, but can also be used for low-voltage applications. Allowing electricians to consistently and precisely drive insulated staples at high velocity, users will discover the DCN701 saves significant time and effort compared to manual fastening methods. It also enables operation in colder external temperatures, permitting use with protective gloves – and with no detrimental effect on performance.

Powered by a fast DeWALT motor, users can be assured of durability and reliability, combined with the freedom and convenience of cord-free operation. Engineered with the requirements of residential electricians, home builders, security-system installers and other electrical specialists in mind, the DCN701 eliminates the need for traditional fastening using hammer and clips.

Designed specifically for use with the DCN701, DeWALT’s DRS18100-XJ electro-galvanised insulated 25mm steel staples with the 19mm crown are available in boxes of 540.

For more  information visit www.DeWALT.com.au

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