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DeWALT Cordless 125mm ROS Sander

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If you’re already a user and a fan of DeWALT’s existing corded palm-sander range, you’re going to love the new cordless 125mm ROS.

If you’re new to the range, a cordless experience with great ergonomics and long run time – thanks to the supplied 5Ah, 18V XR battery – is going to be an impressive surprise. The 125mm ROS offers best-in-class productivity, especially when combined with DeWALT’s own mesh-based disks. They’re made from a silicon-carbide grain applied to a nylon braid which is waterproof and stronger than traditional sandpaper disks. They also last up to 4x longer, as well as providing a 25% smoother finish than previous paper options.

I can see this cordless sander being a perfect fit for a wide range of trades and tasks from the auto paint sector, woodworkers, joiners, cabinet makers, painters, and decorators right through to boat builders and window and door makers. Carpenters, in particular, are going to love this sander for timber and composite preparations. The new mesh abrasives will also be a hit onsite with their longer lifespan and the fact they’re washable to remove debris and build up when required.

To put this sander to the test, we found a great old set of timber sliding doors and window frames that had peeling paint from what looked like the 1980s. It was thick and lifting and peeling all over the place. They would be the perfect test for the palm sander and new mesh sanding sheets.

  • OPM 8000-12,000
  • Orbit size 2.6mm
  • Paper size 125mm
  • Weight 1.3kg (bare unit)

TEST #1: Ergonomics

When you have a big job on your hands ergonomics are extremely important. A poor design will leave you blistered and sore, and great design and fit will leave you feeling fresh and ready to tackle the next task.

Being a palm sander, the shape of the hand wrapping over the top of the sander felt really nice. There are several lips that fingers can wrap over to achieve a comfortable grip and several different ways to achieve a nice hold. That meant I could swap my hand around and continue to get maximum efficiency in various positions if my hand started to get tired.

The on/off switch and speed dial are located in the front on the top edge of the sander, and that makes using those features very easy. The sander itself feels solid and strong.

Vibration and dust control are two very important factors when using any type of sander, and the DeWALT Cordless 125mm ROS sander performed well in both these areas. Vibration running up through the hands and arms when sanding can make any sanding task a complete chore, but it was very minimal on this unit.

I passed the sander around the site to various tradies, and everyone agreed it was very comfortable to use and the included dust-collection bag was very efficient also.

  • Switch & speed control wheel
  • Ergonomic grip areas
  • Powerful motor
  • Dust extraction
  • Brake to shorten stopping time
  • Less vibration
  • Compatible with DeWALT Air-Lock dust extraction system

TEST #2: Power & Performance

Before we started sanding we gave the timber frame a good scrape to get rid of as much loose, flaking paint as we could. Next, we threw on a mask. It was really anyone’s guess how old the paint was. It more than likely contained lead.

Once we commenced sanding and started flicking through the various speed settings, it very quickly became apparent this was an impressive little unit. Given its size; it was quite deceiving how powerful it was. It had removed the paint and had us back to nice, clean timber in no time.

To give it a try on another material I found an old timber food-preparation table that had been left outside in the weather. The timber top had blackened over time and presented a serious challenge. Within a few minutes the sander, along with the mesh sheets, had removed the black weather stains from the timber. DeWALT supplied a full range of the mesh sheets, from 40 grit right through to the fine stuff.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

We tend to stick to what we know, but I would give this sander and the mesh sheets a good look on your next sanding job. The DeWALT mesh sheets will save a pile of time and money, and the open-mesh weave means they’re universally compatible you no longer need to worry about finding sheets with the correct hole pattern.

This unit offers great counterbalance, which in turn brings improved antivibration. The build quality is solid and, coming in at 1.3kg {without battery} while offering 8000rpm to 12,000rpm across the various settings, the power-to-weight ratio of the unit is impressive. Also, the braking system gave an instant stop, which was great compared to traditional sanders that can run on for quite a while after they’re switched off.

At the end of the day it’s a great all-round palm sander.

For more information visit www.DeWALT.com.au

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