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DeWALT Anchors And Fasteners

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DeWALT Brings ‘Guaranteed Tough’ To A New Range Of Anchors And Fasteners

A brand renowned for the toughness and quality of its professional power tools, DeWALT has brought its advanced fixing technology under its global POWERS brand and launched a comprehensive retail-fasteners range.

The DeWALT retail range is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of trade and construction-site applications, and is engineered to offer solutions in the most demanding Australian conditions.

With a focus on fixings across a wide range of base materials including masonry, concrete and drywall, choosing the right mechanical, adhesive or lightweight anchor has never been easier – simply identify the environment and application in which the product is being used, then select from the range of products that carry the corresponding colour-code, load and sizing.

To ensure maximum performance, DeWALT leverages the same range found every other day on major industrial construction sites and has gone through the most rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures. As a result, many have received some of the world’s most demanding approvals, including ETA and ICC certification that are often called out as part of Australian Standards within the current building code.

The nationwide launch is also being supported by some serious promotional programs to reward tradesmen loyalty to the brand. This includes a chance to win a trip to watch FC Barcelona play from the comfort of a hospitality suite and additionally free redemptions in participating stores.

For more information on the range, current stockists and some of the exciting promotions visit http://www.anchors.DeWALT.com

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