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DeWalt Akron PROComfort Extreme Duty Leather Work Boots

by editor

The bar for safety work boots has significantly risen over the past few years, and the team at DeWALT is continuing this trend with its AKRON PROComfort Extreme Duty leather work boot. There’s a razor-sharp focus on all-day comfort and long-term durability.

One of the first things I noticed when pulling on the boot was it just didn’t seem as big and bulky as a lot of the other boots I’ve reviewed in recent times, but from a features-and-specs perspective it still sports all the high-end inclusions of a top-shelf worksite safety boot.

DeWALT has gone with its PROComfort system on the AKRON, designed with three innovative cushioning and support layers to provide ultimate comfort for those who are on their feet for long periods of time. An injection-moulded performance polyurethane midsole and insole, including state-of-the art memory foam, have also been included to offer optimum foot and arch support and cushioning. The dualdensity insole is removable, and the PU/ rubber outsole is non-slip to the highest slip-resistance ‘C’ rating. The sole also has a 300°C high-heat-resistance rating, making the DeWALT PROComfort safety footwear versatile for all situations.

The AKRON’s upper is made from waterresistant, premium, full-grain nubuck leather, with a scalloped, padded ankle for support and a wide-fit, ergonomic steel toecap for all-day comfort, breathability and a supportive fit.

Pulling the boots on for the first time felt amazing.

The AKRON has been designed for a wider foot and I could feel the absorption, comfort and support from the dual-density insole and PROComfort system. But I figured some testing conditions would be a better way to really get a feel for the boot. First I tried the boot in several crouching positions. Tradies can spend long hours crouching to complete tasks like measuring, finishing skirts, fitting pipes or fixing cables. I’ve personally owned boots that were amazing when walking or standing, but performed horribly when the crouching or requiring flexibility through the leather or outer sole. The DeWALT AKRON boot performed exceptionally in this crouching test, as they did climbing scaffolding and walking long distances.

Again, the fact these boots don’t seem to be as bulky or heavy as others seemed to dial up the comfort factor.

For this test we specifically looked at 3 factors. The first was foot protection from the premium, full-grain nubuck leather.

I pulled out the grinder with the cutting disc and covered the boot in a barrage of sparking metal fragments. The heat from cutting so close to the boot (5cm-10cm) was substantial and would have burnt or melted an inferior boot. The DeWALT AKRON boots took the metal-cutting test in their stride with amazing results. As I was cutting on a slab with a thin layer of water covering its surface, we were working in and around high-slip areas and on a slippery surface. The non-slip outer sole didn’t feel like slipping at all, not at any stage.

The last element of the testing was the on-impact toe cap and TPU bump cap.

We dropped everything from steel bar, brick and large chunks of timber onto the toe area of the boot without making a dent or feeling any sizable impacts. It left me no choice but to give the durability and safety elements of the boots the thumbs up.

At the time of writing this Tough Test I’ve been wearing the boots for 2 weeks, and, if anything, they have only gotten more comfortable and are still looking amazing. If the first 2 weeks is anything to go by these boots are going to last well.

The AKRON PROComfort Extreme Duty leather work boot is impressive from both a comfort and safety viewpoint. It looks and feels less bulky than a traditional work boot, while still offering the same level of protection and safety expected from a topquality work boot in 2022.

Visit: www.DeWALT.com.au

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