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Compact and robust

The new DeWALT 8m tape measure is one heavy-duty tool that will pretty much outlast any tape you’ve bought before. Its awesome design fits perfectly into the hand, making it one of the most comfortable measuring tapes going around. It’s tough as, and extremely compact for an 8m unit. DeWALT has pulled out all the stops when it comes to features. The reinforced housing is extremely strong and has a metal impact plate for blade-hook protection and long life. The 3M thermoplastic coating also maximises blade life and helps to reduce breakage, while the True Zero end hook and case dimension marking allows for easy inside-to-inside measuring too. An extra-large end hook grabs materials from all four sides, making it easier to grab on to materials from a distance.

I put the tape through its paces onsite, measuring in a multitude of scenarios and positions and it was nice to use, comfortable, and made the tasks just that little bit easier to complete.

Readings were extremely accurate as well. What more can you ask for from a tape?


The bulkier 8m tapes can be a pain to get in and out of the dedicated tape-holder compartment on your nail bag, and they often make things awkward when working on your side or climbing scaffolding. The DeWALT isn’t bulky. It’s the perfect size to pop on your belt, and the soft, spongy stop lock is very easy to use. It only takes minimal effort to lock or release. I found with some tapes the stop lock is stiff and can require a two-thumb push, and they’re generally are not well designed. The DeWALT was smooth and felt great.

Someone has put some proper design time into ensuring this gear just works well.

The 4m standout is another great indicator of a well-made tape, and I was able to hook onto timber or metal framing with ease from an impressive distance.


Okay, so DeWALT has always claimed to be ‘tradie tough’, so it made sense to get a little rough and up the ante.

Using the tape, we measured a height of over six metres from the second-storey construction site and began to drop the DeWALT over and over again onto different materials below. The tape bounced hard and flew off in various directions off concrete, metal bars, timber and sand, and the worst damage we could find was a small scuff on the corner where two bits of rubber met. Seriously! There was zero damage, other than the scuff on the rubber.

It’s safe to say the construction of this tape is truly tradie- and construction-site tough.


I was very impressed by the beating the tape took and to find it still in perfect working order after.

The compactness of the DeWALT was also a big feature. It’s very comfortable to use, compact, yet super strong. I think it’s so tough it could even double up as your worksite cricket ball.

You’ve got to love it when something as simple as a tape measure works well and feels great.

Visit: www.DeWALT.com.au

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