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Deep Heat Back Pain Patches

by admin

Back pain is seriously bad news.

The problem might go away for a while, but just when it seems to have righted itself, it’ll flare up again. We once knew a sparkie who struggled with back pain for years. Every summer it’d hit him and he’d have to call in sick for a couple of days. We remember it because he was a mad-keen punter and it was always around Melbourne Cup day. How frustrating must it have been to have that keep happening on his favourite day of the year?

And a bad back really frigging hurts. It can make reaching into the esky difficult. Even bending down to talk through the hole in the cashier’s window at the TAB can be seriously challenging.

But fear not, because the folks at Mentholatum have a solution.

Deep Heat patches increase blood flow to an affected area, providing more oxygen and nutrients to aid the healing process and help restore movement. According to the manufacturer, the patch activates within 60 seconds of tearing off the plastic cover and slapping it on, and it lasts for up to eight hours.

Pick up a pack from Chemist Warehouse. The price will vary depending on the patch, but the back-pain ones go for around $10 a pair.

We need to order some for the office. The editor is a total pain in the neck. A patch from the chin to the nose would keep his mouth shut and provide relief for everyone.

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