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Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle

by editor

There was a time when, if the water was bubbling with steam coming off it, it was ready for throwing in a cup with the 43 beans for a white’n’two.

But those were unenlightened days. Beverages in 2021 apparently need to be prepared with an obsessive attention to detail.

This jug from Cuisinar t is a basic requirement for anyone hoping to hold their heads high in the modern world of kitchen wankery. Nobody drinks just ‘tea’ any more, and instant coffee? Jesus. That’s a bit Conan the barbarian.

A jug like this one is essential for anyone hoping to impress with mind-numbingly boring and pretentious descriptions of avoiding the aftertaste of improperly prepared oolong, lapsang souchong or that coffee made from Brazilian cat turds. It’s a 1.7-litre, 1500-watt kettle with six preset temperature settings, a removeable filter, a memory feature and a dripless spout.

We’re guessing there’s no way to prevent a drip grabbing the handle.

Grab one yourself from a Kitchen Warehouse or its online shop. Asking price is $159.95.

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