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Crescent Wide-Jaw Adjustable Wrenches

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Crescent, the inventor of the original adjustable wrench, has recently launched a brand-new range of wide-jaw adjustable wrenches.

These adjustable wrenches meet ASME strength and performance requirements for wrenches the next size up, meaning the 150mm wrench meets the ASME strength requirements for the 200mm wrench and so on. This is a great feature as it means a lighter toolbox.

The strength issue, or rather the lack of it, on adjustable wrenches is an important one, because the lack of jaw strength is a big contributor to ‘sloppy jaw’ which causes rounding on fasteners.

Very fine micro-serrations on the jaws provide a tighter grip on the fastener, thus helping to generate 4x more torque than traditional adjustable wrenches.

Metric and SAE laser-etched scales allow for quick & easy determination of fastener size.

The larger knurl provides a tighter jaw fit, is easier to adjust and is less likely to bind up.

Black phosphate and lacquer finish help to resist rust and prevent corrosion for better durability.

The range consists of the following sizes:

  • ATWJ212VS – 300mm/12″
  • ATWJ210VS – 250mm/10″
  • ATWJ28VS – 200mm/8″
  • ATWJ26VS – 150mm/6″
  • ATWJ2610VS – 2pc set 150mm (6″) & 250mm (10″)

For more information please visit www.crescenttool.com.au.

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