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Crescent Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measures

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The toughest yet

Tough and accurate. That’s what you want in a tape measure. Be it an unexpected drop or the hard yards of daily use, the jobsite is no place for mediocre tools. More importantly, a good tape measure needs to help you get the job done right the first time.

The Shockforce and Shockforce Nite Eye tape measures from Crescent Lufkin go beyond competency. They excel in solving performance problems you might not have even thought of, saving you time, money and energy.

First and foremost, the Shockforce range is durable.

“No matter how experienced you are on the tools, tapes get dropped,” said Brian Kidd, Product Manager for Crescent Lufkin. “That’s why we made sure the Shockforce was drop tested to a rigorous 30 metres.”

Thanks to a steel, protective lock-button roll cage and uniquely positioned screw bosses, the Shockforce range features hugely increased resistance to dropdamage; which is precisely why they can survive a sheer 30-metre drop onto solid asphalt.

“No one likes having to constantly replace their key measuring tools, so we’ve made sure these tape measures are going to stay on your toolbelt for a long time.”

While toughness is hugely important, a great tape measure needs to be accurate.The Shockforce range features a dual-sided print for superior legibility. Combined with an increased print size and the Nite Eye’s unique high-visibility no-glare blade, these tape measures are optimised for quicker and more accurate measurements.

Another common problem with tape measures Crescent Lufkin has addressed in spades is a short standout. You don’t have to be a tradie to know a limp blade when you’re marking up is beyond frustrating – and for professionals it means wasted time and money lost (not to mention embarrassment from other tradies on-site). This is why the Shockforce range boasts a considerable 4m standout, ideal for long measure points.


The Shockforce range is a leap forward in tape-measure standards. Crescent Lufkin has not only met, but gone beyond the obvious user needs. These additional features clearly indicate a deeper dive into what makes a great tool:

  • Diamond coated end-hook provides 50% more hook grasp and prevents slippage from various surfaces, even at angles.
  • Optimised, compact case design provides users a case that is only 76mm wide, fitting comfortably in the palm. Ideal for easy calculations for inside measurements.
  • Increased working-at-height capability thanks to an integrated thru-hole that can be used as a tether-loop attachment point or as a pivot for scribing.
  • Superior impact protection – dual metal guardrails on both sides of the lock button provide superior protection to keep these tapes going strong on the toughest jobsites.

The Crescent Lufkin Shockforce is now available at Bunnings Warehouse. To find the Shockforce Nite Eye, visit your local professional tool retailer. Visit the website at www.crescenttool.com.au for more information.

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