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Crescent Lufkin 30 METRE (100FT) Professional chalk reels

by editor
After chatting with the Crescent Lufkin team, it sounds like the trusty chalk reel has gone through multiple rounds of R&D, fine tuning, new developments and additions, all with direct feedback from tradies. The result is a range of new professional reels with features which include longer and stronger lines from 15-45M, and with faster rewinds of up to 6x with the 6:1 gear ratio. The process of filling/refilling chalk was previously a slightly awkward affair involving removal of caps or seals, so Crescent Lufkin has created a clever, one-way chalk valve for quick, no-mess refills. For those who prefer the traditional method of filling you can still remove the end cap if you wish. The shape and design of the reels have also come under review, with the creation of a new ergonomic case designed to fit better in the hand for easier use with less fatigue. A variant with a full aluminium case has also been included. To improve the actual process and quality of the marked chalk line, a thumb-activated hub lock has been designed and added which holds the line securely in place to make the snapping process easier, cleaner and faster. Finally, a nesting end hook has been added which retracts into the case itself and locks in place, preventing tool-bag snags. To help with our testing we enlisted the talented Martin and Dave from Beaches Carpentry. The pair have been building quality homes around Sydney for over 20 years. TEST #1: ERGONOMICS Chatting with Dave about his experience with the 30m professional chalk reel he shared, “There’s no denying the new shape fits really well into the hand. The teardropstyle shape provides excellent grip, and the thumb-activated hub lock gives the perfect tension and pressure to snap a precise and crisp line. It makes you wonder why this hasn’t been introduced sooner. “The locking dial has a textured, rubberised edge, making it perfect to slide into the locking position easily. But it’s also the larger and toothier end hook that made for exact placement at the other end of the line which added to the ease and precision of the chalk reel.” TEST #2: CHALK LINE AND REWIND SPEED Watching Martin and Dave very quickly adapt to the new features of the chalk reel and then inspecting the quality of the chalk lines it’s clear tradies are going to love these new features. “I really liked the ‘hard mark blue chalk’ that was included with the chalk reel in one of the packages,” said Dave. “It produced a brighter blue line which was clear and easy to see on both indoor and outdoor applications with mixed lighting. “The 6:1 gear ratio made for a very fast rewinding process. This is something tradies will love, as a slow rewind will put a lot of tradies off a chalk reel pretty much straight away, as will cheap plastic construction. “I have used both the heavy-duty red & black unit as well as the aluminium version and both have stood up to a couple of solid drop tests with impressive results.” THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY All in all, it’s awesome to see the trusty chalk line get some love and attention. Even better is to see features combine to produce a tool which is going to allow tradies to achieve more accurate and precise results easier and in less time. I can’t think of a single tradie who wouldn’t be happy with that. Visit: www.crescenttool.com.au

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