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Cowarobot Auto-Follow Luggage

by admin

This is an entirely new level of slappiness.

The bag identifies its owner through the on-board camera and automatically keeps up on the stroll through the hotel lobby or airport terminal. The luggage compartment has a patented, external, detachable power supply, a 6400mAh lithium battery, and can run 20 kilometres when fully charged. It also comes with a USB interface.

The uppermost side of the trunk is an ultrasonic radar which can quickly calculate the distance of the owner’s movement, ensure it doesn’t drive a reinforced bag corner into the owner’s clacker, and can avoid obstacles and pedestrian interference.

The bloody thing can even go in front of the owner!

Seriously? Wheeling a bag is too tough now?

Get one from http://au.bangood.com or http://www.Amazon. com for about $850, and weep little tears of loss when you see what baggage handlers at airports do to it.

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