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Collage Sausage Casing

by editor

For those who love to produce fine food there can be no substitute for working from scratch.

The humble sausage is a great example. For anyone truly dedicated, grinding the filling and preparing the snag is important, and that means starting with the most basic supplies… like the casing, or ‘skin’.

The folks at Collage make a premium product, and while it’s not in our nature to poke fun at companies doing their best, we can’t help but smile at Collage’s product description, obviously translated to English:
• Caliber: 34mm (width size not diameter)
• After you made a sausage, diameter is about 22mm
• Save method: keep it in dry and cool place
• Shelf life: 3 years
• What is caliber size: the size after you press the casing flat, not diameter!
• How to use: warm water soak for 2-3 minutes to use, enema machine can be directly set to use.

Obviously an ‘enema machine’ is a mincer. We couldn’t find any catering suppliers who had this specific product available, although there must be plenty of others with similar offerings. Butchers are always jamming their meat into things, and they get the casing from somewhere.

For 15 metres of Collage product, try AliExpress.com and expect to pay about $7.00 plus freight.

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