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Coleman 6P Lighted Instant Up Northstar With Darkroom

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Coleman’s six-person Lighted Northstar Instant Up with DarkRoom is sure to turn heads and it’s the only tent you’ll need for your next camping trip.

The patented Coleman Instant Up hub is an integrated-frame design that allows the tent to spread out, lift up and lock into place in minutes. Effortless and sturdy, this is game-changing technology from Coleman. Once the body of the tent is locked in, you can clip the fly into place and everything is secured and tensioned with the pegs and guy ropes. The front vestibule comes complete with a full set of poles that secures the front entry. The front door also pitches into a two-pole awning for added shade and outdoor space. Once you get the hang of the technology of Coleman and ease of use, setting up this tent should take no more than two minutes.

Coleman’s DarkRoom patented fabric treatment blocks out 95% of sunlight, keeping the tent interior darker in the mornings and maintaining internal temperatures five-degrees cooler in the day than standard tents. The reduced sunlight inside the tent, combined with cooler temperatures and increased airflow courtesy of Coleman’s smart circle ventilation, keeps you sleeping in well past sunrise. This technology also allows the kids (or adults) to get too bed much earlier in the evenings – a must for any light sleeper.

Finally, Coleman’s exclusive flexible silicon strip lighting is integrated into the tent lining, offering a convenient option for lighting the inside of the tent.

For more information visit www.colemanaustralia.com.au

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