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Cole Haan Generation ZERØGRAND II

by editor

The Generation ZERØGRAND II sneaker puts the ‘mental’ in ‘environmental’.

Made using materials ‘from nature’, the ZERØGRAND II has a patentpending FlowerFoam™ sole made with a product derived from dandelions.
Yes, fricken dandelions.

According to the PR material – no doubt sourced from sustainable, recycled marketing professionals – the soles are made from ‘a minimum of 25% natural dandelion rubber and provide all the lightweight cushioning to keep you going and growing all day, every day’.

But the amazingness of the shoe doesn’t end there. Oh, no.

‘A thoughtfully considered upper design includes vegan microfibre suede made with 21% recycled content and reconstructed felt fabric made with 85% recycled plastic bottles’ says the product info.

‘Where do plastic bottles occur in nature?’ we ask in our never-ending search for the truth. We saw one tied to a crab pot and the rope had wrapped around a dolphin one time, so maybe that’s it.

About the only thing we could see needed to complete the close-to-nature experience would be to stomp the ZERØGRAND II into a fresh, unseen dingo turd on a bushwalk.

The shoes are available from colehaan.com.au. Prices vary a little, but expect to pay around $250 plus postage.

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