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Clip In Your Gear With Rhino-Rack’s Stow It™ Utility Holder

by editor

Whether you’re heading on a quick afterwork fishing trip or spending the weekend camping, Rhino-Rack’s Red Dot Awardwinning Stow It™ Utility Holder makes packing, lugging, and securing your gear on your next escapade a breeze.

Crafted as one of Rhino-Rack’s most versatile utility holders, the Australiandesigned Stow It™ Utility Holder integrates four current products into one innovative design and provides the most secure load-carrying solution for shovels, spades, paddles, axes, fishing rods and more. The additional spring-loaded quick-release ratchet mechanism an key-locking feature also allows you to access and secure your equipment without any fuss.

When it comes to durability, the Stow It™ Utility Holder has been designed to provide excellence in strength and longevity. It is moulded from lightweight cast aluminium, coated with premiumquality powder and offers an impressive load capacity of 8kg. Whether dirt tracks or beaches are your destination, its durability means your gear will be secure no matter the conditions.

The Stow It™ Utility Holder is compatile with the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platforms, Vortex & Heavy-Duty Cross Bars and is a simple single-person installation.

Rhino-Rack knows how important it is to create universal products that adapt to a multitude of environments and adventure lifestyles. The Stow It™ Utility Holder is a revamped utility holder here to secure whatever you need to whichever popular Rhino-Rack roof rack system you already have. As the most secure load-carrying solution, the Stow It™ Utility Holder makes stashing your gear and adventuring that much easier.

For more details, visit rhinorack.com or scan the QR code.

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